Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rocket Launch - Live!

We never anticipated getting to see a live launch while we were in the Kennedy Space Center vicinity, but we did!  Never thinking it possible, we checked the schedule and, lucky for us, one was scheduled  for August 31.  So we planned to stay in the area for the launch and leave the next day.  Due to Tropical Storm Erika, the launch got pushed to September 2.  Benefiting completely by living with no schedule and no obligations and driving our home around, we extended our stay so that we could still attend the event!

Cape Canaveral, where the actual launch pad is located, cannot be entered by anyone without a special badge, even with a military ID card.  But just outside the gates are bleachers directly across from the launch pad, albeit 3 miles away. (You can't be too close to the actual launch because the noise and the blast pressure could actually kill a person.)

The launch was scheduled for 5:59 a.m., so we got up really early and headed out.  The weather was balmy and the view spectacular.  I'm in no way a professional photographer, but these pictures do a pretty good job of what we saw in person.

Before the launch
You can just see the lights from the launch pad in the center of the picture.

Lift off!
It looked like a huge fireball.

Stage One

Stage Two

On its way

Sure, you get much better view on TV, but it was really exciting to see this in person.  It's just one of many "happy accidents" that have occurred on this adventure!

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