Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Virgin No More!

A Margaritaville virgin, that is!  In all my travels, I have avoided going to any Margaritaville restaurant, preferring to wait to go to the original one in Key West.  Well, I finally made it!

The margarita was made with fresh lime juice, lots of tequila and tasted fantastic!  I'd have like to have had more than one, but, as some of you know, I pretty much a lightweight in the drinking department and I wouldn't have been able to walk if I'd had another.

And I had...a Cheeseburger in Paradise, of course!
Pretty mediocre for a burger, though.

The interior was quite laid back, only a small amount of tables.  We went for lunch, so missed the live music, but the screen above the stage played music videos of Buffet concerts.

The waitresses wore this tshirt.

One more item crossed off the bucket list! Oh, and I did find my lost shaker of salt!  :-)

Until next time...

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