About Us

Originally from Gilmer, TX, Sid graduated from Kimball High School in Dallas, TX, then joined the military, preempting the draft.  Retiring from the Air Force in 1986, he went on to have fulfilling careers in Health Care Administration and the auto industry, finishing his work life as the owner of Choice Concepts, an auto dealer warranty company.

Cyndi grew up in upstate New York, leaving in 1975 to join the Air Force.  She spent 7 years serving her country, then resumed civilian status, taking jobs first in civil service, then moving to the private sector doing computer programming and ending up in project management.

Sid and Cyndi met in Little Rock, Arkansas and will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary in March, 2015.  They have two grown sons, currently residing in the beautiful state of Oregon.

In 2014, the travel loving couple decided to sell their home in Colorado and take up residence in a 37' motorhome they named Julie.   They put their belongings in storage, said goodbye to their friends and plan to travel the country wherever the wind blows them.