Friday, April 17, 2015

More Quirky Oklahoma

I can't let a destination go by without trying to find something totally off the wall to look at and I found a couple of things at this one.

On the way from our campground to Muskogee, on old Highway 69, was Junkyard Muffler Man.  Don't know why he's called Muffler Man, as there wasn't a muffler in sight, but he's definitely in a junkyard!

The first ever sale of a Girl Scout cookie, personally baked by the Mistletoe Troop, took place in Muskogee.  Profits from the sale were used to send gifts to soldiers in World War and there is a statue commemorating that in downtown.  You really have to be looking for it and, if you didn't know the significance, you still wouldn't know it after viewing it.  The plaque doesn't say anything about the purpose of the statue.

There were a few more weird things to see in the area, but we ran out of time.  Hey, you can't see it all!

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