Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Cattle Auction for a City Girl

Entrance to Stockyards City, home of the Oklahoma National Stockyards

Stockyards City, a historical district in Oklahoma City, was the destination early on a Monday morning. We had decided, since we had planned to walk around the city anyway, that we should try to attend a cattle auction.  Not knowing a thing about the process or even if we'd be allowed in, we headed out to see what we could see.

Oklahoma National Stockyards claim to be the world's largest stocker and feeder cattle  market.  (I don't know what that means, but that's what it said on the sign!)  At first sight, it doesn't appear to be much, but once you walk up on the catwalk, above all the pens, you can see just how large the place is.
Stock pens

Auction house
We saw several people going into the auction house, so we followed, sure that someone would want some ID or proof of some kind that we were supposed to be there!  But we got in and spent about an hour watching the auctions.
The cattle run in one door and out the other.
The auctioneer sits behind the counter, while the person down by the stock sets the starting price.

The bidders.  
Although I watched many groups of cattle sold, I never could see a single individual bidding!

Stockyards City was founded in 1910 and contains several blocks of stores dedicated solely to the Western lifestyle.  Anything from farm and ranch gear, rustic furnishings, western clothing to fine dining can be found here.  Interesting to think that a whole city developed from a public livestock market.
Street art

Totally ignorant of the process or the lifestyle, I enjoyed the time we spent in Stockyards City and the cattle auction.  Definitely an experience for this city girl!

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