Saturday, April 4, 2015

Looking for Route 66

We set aside on whole day to take a drive on historic Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Tulsa,  You know all those photographs you see whenever Route 66 is talked about?  That's what I was expecting and little did I know I was in for a big disappointment, although after thinking about it I know I was expecting the unrealistic.

I found a great resource on the internet, the Mobile tour , that listed, in order, all the roadside attractions along the route across Oklahoma.  You could call a number and hear the background information about each stop.  Well, the number was disconnected and many of the so-called attractions were not to be found, so don't use this particular resource if you go.  In fact, east of Oklahoma City, prior to our car trip, we followed the directions to one and would up, in a 37' motorhome with a toad, on a dead end road and no turn around.  We ended up driving across a grass meridian to get back on the interstate!

This section of the highway is primarily rural, with tiny little towns along the way.  We did manage to see a few relics from the past and here are the pictures, in no particular order. 
Phillips 66 Station #1423, Chandler, OK.  Now on the National Register of Historic Places.
#1423 Gas Station Sign

Pop's  While not an original Rt 66 structure, interesting nevertheless.  It's lit up in neon at night.

Rock Cafe, Stroud, OK  Didn't realize until a couple of days later that this was a featured eatery on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Round Barn, Arcadia, OK  This restored barn is now used as an event center, but there is an interesting museum on the lower level.

Seaba's Filling Station, Chandler, OK vicinity. Now housing a motorcycle museum, we almost missed this going around a sharp corner.

St. Cloud Hotel, Stroud, OK.  No longer a hotel, this artifact consisted of the sign on the side of the building only. 

We ended up turning around short of our original destination of Tulsa.  But it was a warm, sunny day and the drive was worth is if only to say "We drove Rt 66!"

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