Friday, April 10, 2015

A Bump in the Road and a Bucket List Encounter

When we first arrived in Oklahoma City, we had what we thought was a minor problem with Julie, our motor home.  A bucket load of calls later, it was determined that the power steering pump had a leak in it.  Long story short, what appeared to be a leaky gasket turned into needing the pump to be rebuilt, turning a one day job into a week long adventure.

Calling an RV your home results in major problems when something like this occurs.  This is where you sleep at night!  It contains all your worldly possessions!  With a dog in the family, it's where he stays when you go sightseeing!

The first night in a motel was an inconvenience.  Finding pet friendly places is always a challenge.  Of course, we checked out, expecting to be able to pick up Julie.  Disappointed the repairs would take a second day, the second night allowed us the opportunity to eat at an amazing Mexican restaurant.

Zapata's Mexican Grill did not look like much from the outside, but the food was crazy good! Everything tasted homemade, the service was great and the prices reasonable.  Overheard in the booth behind us - a local woman was telling her companion this was the best Mexican restaurant in the city.  Definitely recommend.

Getting the bad news that we were looking at another 4 to 6 days before we were good to do and after spending two nights in a motel, we decided it would be better leave the coach at the repair facility and head south.  East Texas was only a couple of hundred miles away, it was Easter weekend and Aunt Billie has a spare bed.

Discouraged, we grabbed what we could from the motor home and set off for Texas.  Ironically, when lunch time rolled around, this is what appeared.

Happy Days Diner, Pauls Valley, OK 

A coincidence or a sign?

It must have been meant to be, because it was while we were in this diner that we realized it was the weekend for First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX.  Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!  I have wanted to go to First Monday for years and years, but it has never worked out.  Here was my opportunity at last!

West Gate, one of four entry points

Map of the market.  Every street you see was full of individual vendors' table, piled high.

Clock tower

Some street scenes.  We didn't get there until noon  and it was still relatively uncrowded.  But by the time we left, it was jam packed with people.

Fiestaware booth, for my friend Nancy to drool over!

Camping areas were partially empty.  They have full hook ups for over 100 RVs and dry camping areas as well.

Walking from the field where we were parked, I  noticed everyone dragging a shopping cart.  I wondered about that, but didn't give it much thought.  But, when I first got to the market area, it became clear why. Acres and acres of tables piled high with stuff!   Buildings crammed with vendors! Stuff on the ground!  New stuff, old stuff, junk stuff. So much stuff!  It was overwhelming at first.

But, as I walked around, I began to see projects!  So many raw materials from which to make things, ideas I have pinned on Pinterest.  Oh, if I only had a house! Sadly, I'm not in a position to purchase anything, so I contented myself with a toe ring, some reading glasses and a corny dog.  But next time.....Girls, we need a road trip when I get back!

Leaving the market. Remember, we are in Texas!

Until next time...


nancy said...

Love me some Fiesta Ware..

Cyndi Longest said...

The prices were not discounted much, though...