Friday, March 2, 2012

Touring Port A in a Golf Cart

Golf carts are a big part of local transportation in Port Aransas.  So, after drooling after them for quite awhile, Nancy and I decided to rent one for a day.  I called around to find the best price (you know me, I won't pay retail for anything!) and found the best deal at the Island Surf Shop.

Cyndi and owner of the Island Surf Shop
We got our cart and took off.
Our buggy for the day
Our goal for the day was to drive all over town, taking pictures of anything that caught our attention.  So here are some pictures that give you a flavor of Port Aransas.
These are at a major intersection.  I think they're watching for traffic violations.
This guy looks like he doesn't know how he ended up on the top of a building
What else can you say?
Cool fake lighthouse
Nancy as the entree
These guys definitely don't look happy
Um....where's the bathroom?
Ice cream shop - of course we tried it out
Dolphins - I like watching the real ones more
The people who live in this house are my kind of people!
Tie dye heaven
An exterior light
We ended up here for lunch because they advertised the best shrimp on the island.  Guess what - I think they were right!  It was very good.
Best shrimp
Then it was off for more touring.
Entrance to our RV park

Fence in a residential area
You know I had to put in a picture of a sea bird!
Along the beach
Harbor pilot boat
By now, the fog was really rolling in and it was impossible to see through our glasses.  So we headed back to the trailer to wait for it to burn off.  We took Bob and Murphy for a ride, then tried to take Sid, Tucker and Nipper.  But Nipper was too afraid, so that was pretty much it for the day.  Hoping for sunshine the next morning, we made plans to drive to breakfast and do some more touring before turning back the cart.

Breakfast the next day was at a local restaurant (I forgot to take a picture), then we had to make a Whataburger cinnamon roll run for the fishermen at the sea wall.
At the Whataburger drive thru

We delivered the roll, then it was time (boo - hoo) to take the cart back.  I'd rent one for the whole time next year if it wasn't so darned expensive!

Till next time....

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