Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Orleans - The Last Day

The Last Day.

Our trip almost over, we still had things to see and do. We headed down the coast to Galveston. And when I say coast, I mean a little bitty strip of land that’s barely wide enough for a highway! Lots of beach looking for me.  Alas,, no pictures of the beach or birds, but I assure you, they were seen!

We took the ferry from Port Bolivar to Galveston Island. Unfortunately, the weather was really crappy during the 20 minute ferry ride, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures, 

View from the ferry

First glimpse of Galveston Island

A cruise ship in port

We stopped at the Galveston Visitor Center, housed in the carriage house of Ashton Villa, one of the many mansions that dot the island.
Visitor Center
Garden of visitor center

Albert Edwards, the congressman whose efforts caused Juneteenth to become a Texas holiday.

If I can't take a picture of a real bird.....

After Hurrican Ike hit the island in 2008, it was left with a number of trees that had blown down.  Sculpture artists used their artistic ability to turn these stumps into works of art - to make something beautiful out of devastation.  We drove the Tree Sculpture Tour and saw some original pieces.


"Yellow Lab" (originally with a basket of puppies)

"Great Dane"  The home owners here obviously have a sense of humor

"Two Herons"

"Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz"

"Mermaid Holding Clam Shell"

Along the way of looking at the carvings, we saw many, many beautiful Victorian homes.

It was raining fairly hard by the time we started driving down the coast again, but I kept my window open so I could at least hear the sounds of the gulf. I hope to return to Galveston some time in the future.

The last leg of the trip was long and tedious. We had prepaid gas in our rental car, so had been told to run it as close to empty as possible. We kept watch and thought we could make it, but chickened out at the last minute. Here’s Nancy, getting $2.05 in gas to make it to the rental agency. We ended up with a bit of a surplus.

Getting a little gas

I mean, a LITTLE gas!

What was left when we turned in the car.

We had driven over 1400 miles, seen and learned a boatload of things, eaten all the Cajun and Creole food that we could and, after 8 days of constant togetherness, we were still friends!  For me, it was back to Port A to pack up and head on to other adventures.  For Nancy, it was a few more weeks on the coast. 

And that was the end of our excellent adventure.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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