Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lake Livingston, Lake Tawakoni and East Texas

We left Port Aransas on what was probably the nicest day we had had since we got there.  Sunshine, not too much humidity and, of course, the sea breeze.  As we got closer and closer to Lake Livingston, TX, the sunshine held, but the sea breeze and the humidity changed radically.  It was hot, humid and there was very little breeze! 

We set up camp at Lake Livingston State Park and, due to the extreme rain they had had prior to our arrival, most of the ground around the blacktop parking sites were FULL of standing water.  Still, the lake and it surrounds were very nice and the weather while we were there couldn't have been nicer.

View of Lake Livingston

Another view of Lake Livingston

Kayakers on the lake

Sid (can you guess?) fishing

And there were more birds (well, ducks)  for me to photograph

We stopped at Lake Livingston specifically so that we could visit Escapees RV Club National Headquarters and check out their mailing service (for future possible use).  After getting the information we needed, we relaxed for a day, then headed to East Texas and Lake Tawakoni.

When we got to the lake and began to set up camp, it got hotter and MORE humid.  For the rest of the time we were there, it rained almost constantly.  However, we did get to visit with Sid's Aunt Billie

and Sid got to go fishing with his cousin, Willard.  We also drove around Canton, the site of First Monday Trade Days, shopped at Canton Dish Barn, a store that was nothing but Fiestaware (firsts and seconds), visited Willard and Glenneth's home on Lake Cherokee and got to find out if the trailer was, indeed, waterproof. Only one small leak!

Then it was time to pack up the boys (they are SUCH good travelers!)...



and make our way back to Colorful Colorado.  We had seen and done much, but it's always good to get home again.  Join us again next time when the urge to travel hits and we head to who-knows-where?

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