Friday, February 3, 2012

New Braunfels

I was so excited to go to New Braunfels (I'd heard a lot about it) and it turned out to be real bust.  We drove around and visited  Conservation Plaza, but it was lunch time, no one was there and it wasn't anything what we expected.  Supposedly, the buildings are prime examples of German architecture, but they were all very plain.

Then we went to the Gruene Historic District (pronounced "green") and it was an old town restored and turned into bed and breakfasts and shops.  But, it was raining by then, so we didn't want to get out and browse or anything.

To have lunch, we returned to downtown New Braunfels, which is very lively and restored, to go to Friesenhaus, a German restaurant and bakery for an authentic German meal.  I enjoyed my Jägerschnitzel, but Sid had to pass on most of his lunch.

I guess the highlight of this day came next, when we found a H.E.B. grocery store.  It was HUGE!  Take City Market aisles and triple them and you'll have some idea of the size.  I had a list, but picked up a lot of things not on my list, just because.

The weather was still yucky, so we headed back to camp.  Tomorrow we're packing up and heading for San Antonio for some heavy duty sight seeing there.


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