Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beachtime and more Mardi Gras

The weather has finally realized that I'm here and cooperated!  It's turned sunny and warm, so there's been a lot of sea wall and beach time.  There's so much to see it's hard to pick out the pictures for the blog, but here goes.
A bird on a rock - he didn't move even when people came right up to him.

Blue herring on the sea wall - Nipper went crazy trying to catch him

Bird diving for fish

Dolphin at the sea wall - they come right up to where you're standing and play and swim back and forth.

A ton of yucky jellyfish washing up on the jetty

Paddle boarding in the Gulf

Dolphin playing in the channel

A ship in the channel - interesting perspective, don't you think?

These are the ferries to Aransas Pass

Sunset at the beach

Today, Port Aransas had their Mardi Gras parade, so we went, of course.  The crowd was enthusiastic and in the spirit.

Parade goers all decked out

We had the usual floats -
Dog on float

Mardi Gras float

Colorful float

King and Queen

Red Hat float (They're called the Island Trash Red Hats!)

Pirate float

And the golf carts - golf carts are really BIG around here - and other vehicles:

But then there were the other things that made the Port Aransas parade fun:

A little guy float

"Helga" (as named by Sid)

Live parrot on a motorcycle

The toilet lid trumpeters

A purple toilet

Look closely - that IS a GUY!

The life of the party - she was about three sheets to the wind and working it for all it was worth - some guy nearly fell out of his golf cart looking at her.

Romeos - No not that kind....

THIS kind!

Nancy and I had gone to breakfast this morning and the restaurant was FILLED with this group!  If you think Chili's on Friday night is loud, you should have heard these guys!

They threw a lot of beads, but we had a lot more people - and kids - to compete with.  (They always throw to the kids - GEEEEZ!)  Nancy had to resort to begging
Nancy begging for beads


Grown ups running to the beads to beat out the kids

All in all, it was a great fun time.  And we haven't even made it to New Orleans yet!  Tomorrow, a trip to North Padre Island to look for shells.

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