Monday, February 13, 2012

Goose Island

After the big city life of San Antonio, we were headed to Goose Island State Park for a little fishing, a little hiking and a lot of relaxing.  Unfortunately, we got too little fishing, a bit of sickness and a LOT of RAIN!  We stayed for five days and it rained every single day and night we were there.  Sid did some fishing and did catch some trout, but it was cold, rainy and frigid out on the fishing pier.  I caught a cold and was down pretty good for a couple of days.  We did manage to see a few things, in between rain showers.

The Big Tree is live oak tree on Goose Island, although why they call it Goose Island is still a mystery to me.  Anyway, the tree is purported to be 1000 years old and is massive.

The Big Tree - hard to guage the size in a picture

Some of the children (off-shoots of the Big Tree)

Took a few pictures of the water:

Fishing pier

Another fishing pier

Palm tree
And saw my first flamingo:
A blurry picture of a flamingo

We drove aroung the Rockport-Fulton and Aransas Pass area quite a bit, looking for our next home base and took the ferry over to Port Aransas.

Kind of a dull picture

My first view of the BEACH!

We walked on the beach a bit, but it was cold and rainy.  We had finally gotten the dog smell out of the truck, but after the visit to the beach, the smelly dogs were back!  So the last week has been kind of so-so, but we're now settled in an RV resort in Port Aransas, where we will stay for a month.  There's lots to see and do, AND I have great internet access, so I hope you look forward to more timely posts from here on out!

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