Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Canyon Lake Area and Kerrville, TX

It's been a few days and we've been busy so here goes.

On Friday, we decided to go to Kerrville, TX. Sid wanted to play golf at their local course and, even though it was a far piece, we set off. Instead of trusting the GPS and wanting to see a different route, we looked at the map and decided it would be faster to go another way, through New Braunfels, Boerne, Comfort and on to Kerrville. And we'd get to see some places we hadn't seen. So off we went, feeling very smart. It was eighty-some miles, which seemed a little farther than we thought but we had time. More on this later....

On the way, Sid saw a housing area he thought looked pretty nice from the street, so he decided to drive into and around it. Well, the GATE to get into the houses had a GATE (with a guard!). Needless to say, we decided the houses didn't exactly fall into our budget and turned around.

Kerrville is a nice little town. There's one main drag, an old downtown and about the same type of shopping as we have in Canon, although they have a Home Depot AND a Lowe's and no Walmart, but a Gibson's. Sid played golf and I sat at a Hastings coffee shop and updated the old blog, checked email, etc. We met back up around five and headed back to the camper. This time we decided to trust the GPS and, as it turned out, we were only less that 50 miles from Canyon Lake! It took us two and a half hours to get to Kerrville and only an hour to get home! Like I said, we had time....

Saturday was a down day. We slept late and hung around the trailer and campground. The park we are in is very pretty. There are little deer everywhere and they are very used to people. There's even a place we can let Nipper run unleashed. Here are some pictures.

Nipper walking in the lake

Nipper and Tucker

A view of the lake

The view outside our window every morning

On the way to town, we pass this barn:

and we came travel through this town:
So close to home!

We only had to travel a thousand miles to get almost back where we started!

Next up, San Marcos.

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