Friday, July 24, 2015

Yet Another Cruise

Who would have though living in an RV would afford us the opportunity to take so many cruises?  Our last sightseeing adventure in Boston was a Harbor Cruise.

Our cruise "ship"

It was the smallest "ship" we've cruised on, but it did have a fully stocked snack bar!  Anyway, the views were amazing provided us with yet another perspective of the new favorite city.

Bridge over the Charles River

Old Customs house, now being turned into luxury homes

New luxury homes built on the piers

Oil barge being towed by tugboat

Sailing school

Lots and lots of sailboats

A view of the skyline you can't get except from the harbor

It was a short 45 minute cruise, but a perfect way to end our days in Boston.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be able to return some day.

Until next time...

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