Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Rock

Plymouth Rock is, arguably, where it all began.  Even knowing it was mostly a symbolic icon, I still wanted the experience of standing where our forefathers stood when they established the first English colony in the new world.  In many ways, it did not disappoint.

Plymouth Rock site
The rock, after being chipped away at for many years by sightseers, is now protected from people and some of the elements.

The rock
It is located .  The shoreline has been significantly changed since the 1600s. but the rock is located on what would have been the further most point of the harbor then.

Plymouth Rock
My disappointment was that I couldn't actually stand on the rock myself.

Whether the pilgrims actually stepped on this rock is undetermined, but it has become a symbol that represents those brave men and women who came to an undeveloped country and began what today is the greatest country in the world.  

Nearby, a tomb is perched high on a hill overlooking Plymouth harbor.  It contains the bones of the original pilgrim settlers that did not survive the first year.  I am so lucky that I got the chance to see it and pay my respects to those pilgrims.  It's a perfect place for their eternity. 

Pilgrim Sarcophagus

Another bucket list item checked off!

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