Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mississippi, here we come!

When last I left you, we were still looking at a whole lot of nothin'.  At least the RAIN had let up for a bit.

Does anyone besides me still always think M crooked-letter, crooked letter, i crooked letter, crooked letter, i, hump back, hump back, i when you think of Mississippi?

After traversing the entire state of Louisiana, we finally began to see something interesting to look at.

Approaching the bridge

Crossing the muddy Mississippi River


For those of you that don't know, Sid was actually born in Biloxi, MS.  He is officially a naturalized Texas citizen (we have the paper to prove it - and another story!), but Mississippi is his birth state.  So this was a coming home of sorts!

I had read that the Warren County Welcome Center in Vicksburg was an attraction in itself and reports did not lie.
Interior of the Welcome Center.  Beautiful!

View from the back porch

One of the "river boat" gambling casinos

Another view from the back

Mississippi is called the Magnolia State and we began seeing them everywhere as soon as we crossed the state line - along the highway, in parks, in yards, in shopping centers.

The Magnolia State

Giant Magnolia tree.

After visiting the Welcome Center, we found our campground and enjoyed sitting in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.  Lots to see in Vicksburg and the sun was shining (at last!) so we planned on an early start the next morning.

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