Friday, May 22, 2015

Duck Dynasty!?

Our next planned stop had us traveling the width of northern Louisiana along Interstate 20.  Those of you who have traveled around this great country of ours know that interstates are notorious for their lack of scenery.

View from the passenger seat.  A whole lot of nothin' to look at!

So I was surprised when, just outside of Monroe, LA, I saw a sign advertising Willie's Duck Diner and a suspiciously familiar silhouette.  Some quick research verified that West Monroe, LA is, in fact, the official Duck Commander Home Town - home to the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame.  Now, I've watched the show a couple of times, but in no way could I be called a die hard fan.  However, it was only 2 1/2 miles away, we needed gas at some point anyway and I was curious enough to make the detour. t

While we didn't get to eat at the diner, we did get to see one of the four must-see places for Duck Dynasty fans - the Duck Commander Warehouse. 
Tour bus in the parking lot
Themed semi in the parking lot

The warehouse is basically a huge gift shop, but, besides anything you could imagine with  a DD logo or saying on it, there were a couple of unusual things to look at.

Want something pertaining to the TV show?  This is the place to get it!

Arguably the world's largest duck call

The shack where it all began.

Giant wood carving of the silhouette that originally drew me in.

For those of you reading who are big Duck Dynasty fans, there's a tour that will take you around to all the locations you've seen on the shows.  But we needed to gas up and get back on the road, so that was it for us. 

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