Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mexico Beach

Headed to Destin, Florida, we knew we didn't want to drive the entire way from Tampa in one shot.  We had planned to stop in Panama City, but a guy we had met in Key West had recommended Mexico Beach so we decided to see what that was like.  Oh my, I think I've found my beach town!

Florida does like its giant beach chairs!

Mexico Beach is a tiny little town that just happens to be on the beach.  While you can tell a lot of the homes are rentals, there are no large hotels, only little motels that look like they've been there since the 50s.  A few tourist shops and restaurants dot the 5 miles of beachfront, but not many.  We stayed in an RV "resort" that looked like it hadn't seen a paintbrush since the 50s, but it was nestled in the pines about 1/2 mile from the beach and had all the amenities you could want - pool, laundry, restaurant, full hookups, wifi, cable TV and live music twice a week. 

But the beach!  It was my first experience with sugar sand and I've fallen in love!  You could park anywhere along the road for free and just walk to the mostly empty beach.  The waves were continually washing in beautiful shells and it was just so peaceful.  The only bad part was the smell - because of the Red Tide that's currently happening in the gulf, thousands of dead bait fish were washed ashore.  Unfortunate, but a temporary thing that doesn't detract from the allure of the town.

5 miles of ungroomed beach

Sugar sand 

Dead fish 
The crabs were eating, but not the birds.


Take home dinner

We only had one night there, but would definitely like to go back.  Very laid back, very friendly people and a place I could probably call home!

Shore bird

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