Monday, March 23, 2015

And we're off!

Here we are, oil changed, propane filled up, toad attached and ready to leave Canon City.  It's the beginning of many firsts, so keep your fingers crossed for us that they will all be as easy as hooking up the car for the first time!

Julie and her toad!

Later on down the road somewhere, I'll give you a video tour of the inside of our humble abode, but for now, let the adventures begin!

We got 10 miles outside of Canon City before the first hiccup.  Our jack alarms went off, so we quickly pulled over, checked things out and couldn't find anything wrong.  So we got back on the road and, knock on wood, everything seems ok.  Saw some wild turkeys crossing Hwy 50 just outside of Pueblo and drove  through Holly, Colorado, the hometown of Roy Romer (bet you didn't know that!) on our way to Kansas.  I was a bit disappointed that Colorado didn't have a farewell sign and the Welcome to Kansas sign was so small that I couldn't get a picture.

Southeastern Kansas was a whole lot of nothing much to look at - miles and miles of huge farms, feedlots, cattle companies, cotton fields and dairies.  We passed through Ulysses, KS , which has a very interesting history.  Apparently, the town was a booming metropolis of 1500 in the late 1800s.  But by 1909, the population had dropped to only 40 and the town was heavily taxed to repay bonds that were issued to make improvements that never happened.  After paying the taxes for a year, the remaining population decided they were tired of paying the taxes and decided to move the town to a new location.  So they put the larger buildings on skids, the smaller ones on wagons and moved the town a couple of miles away, where it thrives to this day.   Maybe people today could affect some significant change if we had the determination of those pioneers!

We slipped quietly into Oklahoma around 5:00 on a county road with no signs whatsoever.  The only indication of change of state was the change in the color of the road!

Kansas/Oklahoma state line

Alice's RV Park in Hooker, Oklahoma is where we're settled for the next two nights while we explore the Liberal, KS area.  The sun is out, the trees are in bloom and the first day of full-timing seems to have gone pretty well.

Alice's RV Park

Trees in bloom outside our door

Until next time....

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