Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homeless....and let the Great American Experiment begin!

We closed on our house today and are now officially homeless.  I guess I should say houseless, as our new home is a 37' Motorhome, a Dutch Star by Newmar named Julie.  Can you guess why we named her Julie? A hint - think Catwoman!

Anyhow, let me back up a bit to catch those of you who aren't local up on the decisions and activities of the last few months.  My last post was wrapping up the disastrous trip we took to Oregon to visit our sons.  Upon our return from that trip, we sold our travel trailer, bought the motor home and made a concentrated effort to get our house in shape to put on the market.  In the months that followed, Sid gradually recovered from his broken ribs, we listed our home with a realtor, I underwent shoulder surgery and two unplanned gall bladder surgeries, we had a steady stream of house showings that resulted in an acceptable offer, we donated thousands of dollars of household goods, furniture, garage things and just stuff, moved our remaining belongings into a rented storage unit and, finally, moved into Julie during the coldest, snowiest weather I've seen since we moved to Canôn City 12 years ago!

We're now parked in a local RV park while we tie up a few loose ends, spend some time with our friends and fine tune living in a 300 square foot space!  The plan is to spend about another month here, then head out to wherever the wind blows us around the beginning of April.  Although, if the weather continues to use to be consistently below freezing, we may just head south or west a little earlier!

We've got a lot of interesting destinations and activities planned, so I hope you all will continue to follow the blog and stay in touch.  By the way, we're calling it The Great American Experiment because it's still to be determined if Sid and I can travel and live in close quarters 24/7 without divorcing or killing each other!  Stay tuned to see how it all works out.....

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