Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Colorado We Go

Our time in Los Angeles done, we headed back to Tucson.  A day of rest, then the 13 hour drive back to Colorado.  What can I say!  It's a mind-numbing drive up I-25, particularly when we're going to be making the same drive again in a couple of weeks.

There wasn't much to photgraph, but we did see a couple of things in Hatch, New Mexico that were interesting.  On the west side of Hatch was a huge solar farm, with panels bigger than any I had ever seen.
Solar panels, Hatch, NM

This turned out to be Amonix, the largest CPV power plant in North America.  The only one that is larger in the world is located in Navarra, Spain.  It powers approximately 1300 homes per year.

Also in Hatch, we saw part of the chili harvest, as well as the method by which they dry the famous Hatch chilies.
Hatch chili harvest
Drying chilies on the roof

I guess chili processing doesn't have to follow the same FDA guidelines as other food processing!

And the final adventure I have to tell you about on this trip ocurred along I-10 after we left Tucson.  We began seeing a plethora of signs:
The Thing sign

After passing these signs many, many times on trips to Arizona, I'm proud to say that YES, we DID stop, pay our money and took a gander at.......THE THING!!!!

I can't tell you what it was. You'll just have to stop and see for yourself the next time you're in the area.

That's it for this adventure.  Next up, the Texas coast for a couple of months.  Happy trails!

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