Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canon City to Moab, UT

Our trip started earlier than planned – prior to 6 am.! What was I thinking?! Needless to say, there wasn't much conversation leaving Canon. But soon the sun was up, the truck was running smoothly and we were on our way!

Blue Mesa was much higher than the last time we were here.  Maybe the drought in Colorado is easing!

Blue Mesa 2012
Blue Mesa 2014

We made it to Grand Junction and stopped there for gas. Then it was on to Utah.

The plan had been to leave I70 just after entering the state and take Hwy 128 to Moab. After looking at the map again, we discovered that there was a little bit of road colored gray. The legend indicated that we should “check local conditions” for gray roads. This did not sound good, so we planned to go on to Hwy 191 and take the main highway to Moab. However, when we got to Cisco, Sid, at the last moment, decided to turn off the highway. And we are glad that he did! This way into Moab takes a little longer but follows the Colorado River all the way and is beautiful!

Rafters on the Colorado River

If we had not made that last minute decision, we would have missed one of the most beautiful drives so far on the trip. Score one for Sid!

Once we got to Moab, we doubted the GPS for a few minutes as it took us through a residential area and many twists and turns to our campground for the next two nights. When we saw the sign for the place, it was in front of a really shabby looking trailer park! We turned in anyway, wondering just what kind of place we had booked.

Pack Creek Campground and RV Park was very nice, if a little dusty. The amenities were unbelievable. For only $20 per night, we were treated to water, electric, free showers (including soap and shampoo), a beautiful little creek and very friendly people! It's definitely off the path, but all the other campgrounds in the area were going for more than double what we paid.

Everything in the park had quaint, hand carved signs and the current owner (as of 6 months ago) was very busy working on improvements. We will definitely go back and look forward to what it will be on down the line.

We settled in, cranked up the air conditioner (it was 102 degrees!) and went to bed early in anticipation of our day of touring in the morning.

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